Delinquent Tax Enforcement

The purpose of the Delinquent Property Tax Division is to collect back taxes, which include taxes that are at least one year past due owed to county or state organizations .  In conjunction with the Oldham County Clerk’s Office and the Oldham County Sheriff’s Department, the Oldham County Attorney’s Delinquent Tax Division issues over 450 Delinquent Tax Notices a year.  The efforts of the Oldham County Attorney’s Delinquent Tax Division result in an estimated $1,000,000 per year in tax revenue for Oldham County that would otherwise go unpaid.

The Oldham County Attorney’s Office also works with property owners and businesses owners to ensure prompt payment of taxes.  In some cases, our office is able to work with property and business owners to set up payment arrangements on outstanding tax amounts.  Please contact our office with any questions you might have or to see if you qualify for a payment agreement.