Traffic Safety Program

County Attorney Traffic Safety Program

The Oldham County Attorney’s Office offers an optional diversion program for individuals charged with certain pre-payable traffic violations.  The program is authorized by KRS 186.574(6) and it lets participants have their traffic citations dismissed without the citation showing up on their driving record or having points added to their driver’s license.

Prior to entry into the Traffic Safety Program, the Oldham County Attorney’s office will conduct a review of your traffic record to determine eligibility.  Upon entry into the program, you must complete the registration form, pay an administrative fee of $160.00 and, depending on the nature of the traffic citation, complete additional requirements requested by the County Attorney’s office that may include public service work and/or online traffic school.  After completing the program requirements and maintaining a clean driving record for six (6) months, the County Attorney’s office will dismiss the citation.

Eligible Offenses

Disregarding a Traffic Control Device
Disregarding a Stop Sign
Loud Exhaust Violation
Failure to Illuminate Headlamps
Improper Equipment
Failure to use Child Restraint Device
Failure to or Improper Signal
Improper Passing
Careless/Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle

You may not be eligible if you have:

A Kentucky Commercial Driver’s License
Completed the program in the last two years
Received a citation for speeding 26 MPH or over

How to sign up

To register for the Traffic Safety Program, please complete the registration form and either mail it to 100 West Jefferson Street, Suite 5, Lagrange, KY 40031 or fax a copy of the form to (502) 222-2613, or scan and e-mail it to  To complete the registration form click here.

If you have questions about your eligibility for the Traffic Safety Program, call (502) 222-7342

***The Traffic Safety Program is optional and you have the right to plead “not guilty” to the charge(s) against you, the right to a speedy trial, and all other guaranteed constitutional rights if you choose not to enter the program.***